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Online Mentorship Program Break Down


Thank you for inquiring about the mentorship program!

I must say this is one of my greatest achievements. This program has helped so many people change their lives by building wealth in real estate investing. From the alumni of the program to the current members I couldn’t be prouder of them all. It truly takes a village to be successful and this program brings in all of those elements.

To join you pay a $1995 membership fee and must sign a contract/ NDA so you cannot share these strategies with anyone. You then will have access to our video portal for one full year. These video tutorials will be updated bi weekly. Each of these videos will teach you multiple strategies to make great returns through real estate investing. More importantly, you will have access to prerecorded conference calls containing other programs members to gain clarity on questions you may have.

This course is geared to teaching you how to find deals. I have a lot of trade secrets and strategies I use to find deals on and off market. Upon learning these strategies, you should become an expert at acquiring deals. These principals and strategies can work in any state and most countries around the world.

Course Material Covered:

1. Whole selling
a. This strategy will allow you to buy a property without using your own cash and sell that same property to another at a profit.

2. Off market deal acquisitions

a. You will learn a variety of ways to find deals off market. These deals will be then used for you to whole sale, buy to renovate or hold onto for passive income purposes.

3. ON market/ Listed deals
a. You will learn how to put bids on these homes and rarely lose.

4. How to effectively renovate a property for profit
a. You will learn how to identify deals and renovate them effectively without going over budget. You will learn how much it should cost from start to finish to rehab a home. What materials are necessary and which ones are not. You will learn the safe price points of acquisition, neighborhoods, property types, styles and more.

Additionally, you will learn how to exit the deal at a profit.

5. Buy and Holds

a. You will learn how to use other people’s money to finance your deals and keep them for passive income purposes. The goal of the program is to gain enough cash flow to cover all your expenses.

6. Financing Deals

    1. How to use hard money loans
    2. How to use conventional loans
    3. How finance new construction projects
    4. How to finance commercial real estate and more!

7. Other Subjects Covered

a. Tax Sales, Foreclosures, Auctions, Probate sales, Real Estate Contracts, and other needs of real estate investing!

All online members will be eligible to apply to the full 1 on 1 mentorship program. If accepted you will be credited the $1995 toward the 1 on 1 mentorship program tuition.

Lastly, it is very important that you understand this program does not work unless you put in the work. DO NOT join this program if you are lazy. You MUST be a go getter and disciplined. The methods you will learn work virtually everywhere. You can do this in the smallest amount of time, in any time zone. So no excuses! These methods are very straight forward and our systems in place will make the process very efficient for you to start earning profits.

I look forward to your bright future!


Justin Giles